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About the Expo/Conference/Convention

The 2025 Summit taking place at the heart of Dallas, Texas USA is the first ground-breaking Supply Chain and Logistics Summit and Expo. An annual International conference and exhibition that focuses on supply chain management and logistics. Relate with Supply Chain Professionals in the field and examine how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are essential tools in digital transformation, from preventing disruptions and downtime to improving inventory management and quality of services. Attendees can learn about the latest trends and innovations in supply chain and logistics, Artificial Intelligence tools and applications, and discuss best practices, and networks.

Get to network with the who and who in the Procurement, Supply Chain, and Logistics industry all over the world. This event with Expo draws some of the supply chain’s foremost visionaries and leaders to the stage to peel back the layers of complexities and possibilities that artificial intelligence and other revolutionary innovations bring to the world of logistics today and in the future.

This conference provides a unique, hands-on, visual experience and showcases the system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources in procurement, supply chain, and logistics. Get ready to shape the future of supply chain planning by transforming how people, technology, and processes intersect to achieve new levels of resiliency.