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August 27th – 29th 2024

08:15 am
08:30 am (CST)

Opening Ceremony – US National Anthem, Welcome Speech –
Opening Ceremony – US National Anthem, Welcome Speech –
Redefining Supply Chain Planning with Discrete-Event Dynamic Simulation
• Techniques for using dynamic simulation to make the supply chain more resilient, agile, and efficient
• Strategies to use dynamic simulation in predicting and managing disruptions, improving customer experience, and preventing risks
• Methods to make informed decisions when faced with supply chain unpredictability – real use cases

09:00 pm

Data-Driven Rules to ManageVolatility in Procurement and Supply Chain
• How Can a Data-Driven Supply Chain Strategy Increase Your Competitive Edge?
• Issues with Data Analysis and how to Develop data-driven rules to manage volatility
• Balancing cost, service, risk, and ESG elements
• Using optimization tools to design the best network of facilities


Future-Proof Your Supply Chain And Develop New Ideas To Win During Disruption, And Build Agility Into Systems, Processes & Decision Making
• Supply chain in old era
• Supply chain pre COVID, post COVID
• Demand with SCM 4.0
• Supply chain policies as per government norms
• Future need and adoptability
• Skilled generation


The use of blockchain for supply chain sustainability in
The use of blockchain for supply chain sustainability in – Digital Logistics and the impact of geopolitical factors on supply chain management
• Blockchain technology creates a shared, unchangeable record of transactions, enabling supply chain traceability and transparency. Managers may automate and streamline business processes with blockchain, which lowers costs and boosts productivity.
• Blockchain technology can promote sustainability and social responsibility in supply chain management by improving environmental performance, promoting fair labor practices, and preventing fraud and counterfeiting.
• Geopolitical factors such as trade policies, tariffs, and political instability can significantly impact the supply chain management and blockchain technology can potentially mitigate these risks.

11:30 am

Networking Break
Transforming the Demand Planning and Forecasting – practical application
• Tools: a review of possibilities with four popular tools (SAP APO, SAS, Kinaxis Rapid Response, Excel)
• Process: how the Ways of working should look like in modern Process, concerning the mentioned tools
• People: Change management in connection with the two topics above is massive, and there are a lot of blind spots. I can share insight into the experience of two implementations (SAS in Nestle and Kinaxis RR in Carlsberg)

12:00 am

Networking Break
Machine Learning in Supply Chain and Procurement Management – A Systematic Review
• Powering the planning revolution to Identify stock fluctuations
• Forecast trends and demands for products
• Detect excesses and shortages of assets in a store
• Optimize production planning


Networking Break
Digital Inventory : How to overcome resilience and inflationary issues in supply chains through 3D printing”
• With no signs that pressures from disruptions and inflation will abate soon, supply chains must find innovative ways to deal with them
• The capabilities of 3D printing have matured significantly over the last few years and new operating models mean that supply chains can today leverage the advantages of digital inventories in a scalable manner, opening opportunities for small and large companies alike
• Looking at the benefits and constraints of this approach, this talk will describe how to start on the digital inventory journey.

13:00 pm

Networking Break
The Opportunities and Challenges in Revolutionizing Technology Development in the Supply Chain Industry with a special focus on the Food and Agriculture Supply Chain.
• Smart Technology available to the food and agriculture Supply Chain
• A Workable Model Making Use of smart technology to Optimize efficiencies and minimize waste in agriculture supply chains
• Optimizing on-time pick-up and delivery performance • Optimizing carrier utilization and profitability in partnership with farmers and producers
• The importance and function of smart regional command centers and smart regional produce exchange and consolidation centers


Day 1 I Paid I Enterprise AI

Day 1 I Free I Applied Digital, Data & AI

Day 2 I Paid I Optimized Data & Analytics

Day 2 I Free I Transformational AI


Day 2 I Paid I Digital Transformational in Action

Day 2 I Paid I Human-centered Approaches to DTX